Squirrel Capital S.L. Sociedad Unipersonal (Pablo Pereiro Lage)

Chairman & CEO

Pablo Pereiro Lage is the Chairman and CEO of Squirrel Media. In just ten years, he has secured a place for this project among the world's top media groups. Squirrel Media is the third largest open television operator in Spain and a major film distributor in Latin America, among many other achievements. His business, which is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, has a presence in over a hundred countries and operates in the main four areas of the communications sector: Content, Media, Advertising, and Audiovisual and Telecommunications Services.

A Law school Graduate at San Pablo CEU University in Madrid, with a Master's in Law from the Lugo Bar Association and further formal training, Pablo Pereiro's professional activity has always stood out due to its entrepeneurial spirit. He founded his own firm in 2000, which would become Pereiro Lage Abogados, a law firm that continues to operate successfully to this day. In 2003, he created Squirrel Capital, a holding company to bring together several companies in the areas of communications, real estate and professional services.

In 2012 he founded Best Option Media (BOM), a strategic planning agency that would become key in Pereiro Lage's business project. With this company, which revolutionised the advertising sector with non-traditional criteria and methods, he developed a unique business concept: cross-cutting, supported by technology, international, and committed to the success of its clients.

The success of Best Option Media gave Pablo Pereiro Lage the ammunition needed for new conquests, starting in 2013 with the creation of multiple companies distributed around the world. Also in 2013, he created BOM Comunicación and, following that, Segam Real Estate and Best Option Games.

His first endeavour into audiovisual content came in 2016, when Squirrel Capital bought 25% of Vértice 360 from Ezentis. This historic audiovisual producer and distributor was in dire straits and about to cease operations, but its catalog of titles was still excellent. With a fresh business plan and enough resources to implement it, the producing company managed to leave its financial woes behind in just one year and entered a new era in which it returned to the stock exchange and signed film distribution contracts with major national and international producers.

In addition to expanding its agreements for the distribution of large film productions, Vértice 360 became one of the leading companies of the group, and Pablo Pereiro Lage's stepping stone into the production and media sectors. In 2019 he added the themed television broadcasters Nautical Channel, Horse TV, and Class TV.

Vértice 360 became a cornerstone of the group in 2019 by bringing together the advertising, e-commerce, radio, television, and service providing sectors. A year later, it became the only Spanish production company listed on the stone market with an international presence. It began to distribute content in 33 countries and participated in the production of films like “El lodo”, while continuing its operations in theatrical distribution with “Poliamor para principiantes” by Fernando Colomo, among others.

It further expanded its work in all areas of communications in 2020. The TMT area experienced significant growth with the addition of new clients from M-Three Satcom Spain: Canal 8TV (part of Grupo Godó) and the Spanish national broadcaster RTVE (which involved the management of some communications via the Hispasat satellite). Vértice 360 and Telefónica developed an innovative file distribution system to speed up downloads all over the planet.

In 2021, Vértice 360 was renamed Squirrel Media, a new brand that asserts not only the international and diverse nature of the group, but also the agility that distinguishes it from the large, traditional communications groups. The move towards the new name was consolidated in September when Pablo Pereiro Lage, the Chairman, CEO, and largest shareholder of Squirrel Media, rang the bell at the Madrid Stock Exchange to inaugurate the group's new stock ticker symbol: SQRL.

The Media area takes off with a bang in 2021. Squirrel Media acquired the DTT licence from Radio Popular in Galicia, as well as 75% of NET TV and 100% of Veralia Distribución de Cine, from Vocento. Several agreements with Movistar+, the French platform Free, and Agile TV further boosted the reach of BOM Cine, Nautical Channel and Horse TV.

2021 would be equally important for the Content division: distribution agreements for international film productions reached 29 million dollars, and TVE premiered ‘Históricos Anónimos‘, made in collaboration with Telespan, a producer within the group. Squirrel Media bought 75% of Tactic Audiovisual, a production company specialising in sailing and nautical programming.

For their part, the Telecommunications and Advertising divisions joined the general effort of Pablo Pereiro Lage's group: M-Three Satcom Spain won a tender for broadcasting services for RTVE, and an agreement was signed with Telefónica for DOOH advertising projects in Spain and Portugal.

In April 2022, Squirrel Media made a new achievement in its international efforts: it acquired a 51% majority stake in BF Distribution, the largest film distributor in Latin America, with an extensive catalogue of premiered titles and international franchises such as “The Hunger Games” and “Twilight”.

In October, the Media area also expanded with the acquisition of 64% of CanalDeporte, an innovative OTT focused exclusively on sports programming, accessible everywhere, open, and free-to-air.

The Content division of Squirrel Media grew significantly at the end of 2022, with the purchase of two important audiovisual production companies: Comercial de Contenidos Audiovisuales, which produces iconic programmes such as “Madrileños por el mundo”, a reality travel show with widespread acclaim and multiple versions, and Grupo Ganga, a company which specialises in TV shows with legendary programmes such as “Cuéntame”, which is currently on its 21st series.

By the beginning of 2023, the evolution and numbers of Squirrel Media under Pablo Pereiro Lage's leadership are proof that it has secured its place among the major communication groups in the world.

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